Fried Marketing

fried braind25   

 Marketing   is truly your life source in business. Marketing changes your life. In the real estate business your realtor is only as good as their marketing skills. Marketing changes the world.

So how do you do that? Well, you need to understand that everything starts with you and your values.

This is as true for individuals as it is for companies and brands. When you identify who you are, what you believe in, what you stand for, what you value, and then always act on those values, it makes life (and business) so much easier. Life still throws at you all the shit it always has, but you know exactly how to respond in a way that is true to you.                                                                                        NEVER STOP LEARNING


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Your brain on Real Estate


2 heaads

Two heads are better then one

Hello out there in the world of real estate. My blog will consist of all the implicit challenges we face on a daily basis while “hustling” houses. I know that sounds defective but I must admit there are times when it feels just like that. Working as a realtor for ten years now after exiting a thirty year career as a cosmetologist is quite a call to take part in !

Lets come together and use our minds to share some interesting experiences.Lets try to explore options to help each other grow as entrepreneur’s. Share general information that you dealt with on your journey as a Realtor.  What kind of market are you working ? Write till your hearts content. Remember body , mind and spirit is the path to success !