A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.

When selling a home, the right photography can easily make or break a listing. With the vast majority of real estate searches taking place online and in the comfort of potential buyers’ homes, it is imperative to ensure that your listing features high-resolution, quality photographs that accurately represent the property. It can be a fine line — you certainly don’t want to market the house as much grander than it actually is, particularly if it is a distressed property or if there will be work needed upfront, but you also don’t want potential buyers to bypass the listing because of bad photography.

  • High-resolution.
  • Crisp and clear (with no blurriness).
  • Light and bright (not too dark and not overly exposed).
  • All encompassing (showing as much of a room as possible within the frame).

Professional real estate photographers can get quite pricey, very quickly. However, there are several photo apps available that can do wonders for a standard picture taken with your average digital camera — and may even save you money on professional photography! There are also amazing photo apps , your smart phone & laptop comes equipped with photo editing ! When in doubt of use “you tube” will gladly teach you the know how’s !  Pictures are worth a thousand words.



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