The Best Season to Sell Your Home—and Why

Timing really is everything when it comes to home sales. Getting your asking price, and even attracting multiple buyers, can simply be a factor of the time of year when the home is sold. Spring and Summer Spring brings rain and flowers—and possibly extra green in the final sales price of your home. Families likeContinue reading “The Best Season to Sell Your Home—and Why”

7 Real Estate Agent Must Haves

Real estate agent must havesReal estate is not always an office job. In fact, more often than not, agents find themselves doing business out in the field. Meeting prospective sellers, showing buyers around, organizing marketing and events… a lot of this gets done on the go! Whether you’re working from your car, a coffee shop,Continue reading “7 Real Estate Agent Must Haves”

Now is time to buy in Nashville’s booming housing market

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Realtors say that more people are relocating to Nashville from expensive cities like New York and California, getting more bang for their buck.They say the time is now to buy because of low interest rates. A local realtor who is currently hosting tours for million dollar homes in the Annadale Community of Brentwood.Continue reading “Now is time to buy in Nashville’s booming housing market”

The Importance in Having a Professional Real Estate Agent

Not using a professional real estate agent to save money in your real estate deal may cost you later. Whether you’re buying or selling, you’re negotiating a complex transaction with potential pitfalls that could impact your bottom line. A professional agent can use her knowledge and skills to guide you through the real estate process.Continue reading “The Importance in Having a Professional Real Estate Agent”