Now is time to buy in Nashville’s booming housing market

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Realtors say that more people are relocating to Nashville from expensive cities like New York and California, getting more bang for their buck.They say the time is now to buy because of low interest rates.
A local realtor who is currently hosting tours for million dollar homes in the Annadale Community of Brentwood.
There is no slowing down for Nashville’s housing market anytime soon.
“In an election year, we always pause and say, you know, things will change, taxes may increase or decrease depending on what happens to our government, but really, we see Nashville just prospering and growing and doing so many amazing things !

There is so much commercial business , so many executives coming in, so many high level professionals, so many business opportunities here we see Nashville going strong for quite some time.”
According to a report by Emerging Trends in Real Estate, Nashville ranks among the nation’s top 10 cities for commercial real estate markets.


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