The Guaranteed Offer

You see these “Guaranteed Offers” marketed everyday in the real estate business. Another way these type of deals are marketed is “We Buy Houses”. There are several ways these programs work. The most important thing to know is that you will sign an agreement with terms. Just the same way you sign an agreement with your licensed listing agent, with terms and conditions.

Now typically if your house is one that has great functionality and is in a great location, and is correctly priced, it will sell. The only houses that may be a challenge to sell is the property that needs work, or is in an iffy location. But if priced correctly those homes sell to and just as fast. You see the picture ? PRICED CORRECTLY !

Now with price in mind, the guaranteed offer program works in many different ways. It all depends on what you sign and agree to. Some companies may purchase your property from you if it don’t sell. In order for the purchaser to profit, it will most certainly be sold to them under market value. You may also agree to a term in which if the property does not sell, the agent will sell it without compensation after the agreed period of time, or for less then the starting commission. You must read the fine print. You should never sign documents without fully understanding the terms and conditions.

When property owners see the ADVERTISMENTS for “NO SHOWINGS”, “NO OPEN HOUSES”. Well you must understand that most likely someone is going to view your home at some point. That is considered a showing. Even in a traditional sale you do not have to offer open houses, and you can control how many showings, and when you want the showings to occur. It’s all in what you agree to as the homeowner. Now your home may sell very quickly because of the price. Yes, under market value or fair market value. All those homes sell fast. You see the picture once again its all in the price.

Now if you are looking to make a profit on your investment, if you made renovations, worked hard making payments and have taken great care of your home, then I would recommend you hire a licensed Realtor who is looking to get you the “HIGHEST PRICE POINT” possible for your property. A professional looking out for your best interest, not the interest of their companies or for their own profitable interest. So understand that when you see “the guaranteed offer” or “we buy houses” just know there is a catch 22 to those deals.

Lakewood Realty will guarantee you that we will get you the highest price point possible for your home. We have proven results. Just look up our testimonials and reviews. We also will find you your dream home and negotiate every way possible for you to buy the property for what it’s worth ! No gimmicks, no ploys, just real results. Always remember, read all agreements very carefully prior to signing.


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